Start News New issue of Dzikhi BIT!

New issue of Dzikhi BIT!

Check out our latest issue of Dzikhi BIT! The theme of this year’s issue are the biographies of the city.

The articles feature not only biographies of people connected to Poznań, but also biographies of objects, buildings and districts.

You will also find articles relating to our new institution – the Enigma Cipher Centre, including an interview with Szymon Mazur – the person behind the idea of ECC, and discover the lives of the Enigma code breakers and the fascinating history of the building of Collegium Martineum. The issue will also feature reflection on women’s contribution to the development of computer science and programming as well as on the approaches to teaching maths at Polish schools.

You will also find special treatslike an article on “Ms Maria’s garden of tastes” featuring a story of the unforgettable dinners at Collegium Historicum’s cafeteria.