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Fest Fyrtel

Łazarz, Wilda and Jeżyce – each of these three Poznań districts has very distinct character. Each of them is unique and special. Yet, they also have a lot in common. Together they comprise the midtown which surrounds Poznań’s city centre. Each particular district is a separate and unique universe, created by people who feel strong ties with their neighbourhood.

Fest Fyrtel is a collection of maps created in cooperation with the inhabitants. The maps present the most interesting places, people and stories. As part of the project we create a website, organise events during which participants have an opportunity to talk about the past and the future of the midtown districts and hold exhibitions in shop windows.

We inspire community activities to invite people to discover the heritage of Poznań’s midtown districts. Fest Fyrtel is not about offering ready-made stories – it is about creating them together.