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Porta Posnania


Porta Posnania is an interactive centre for the history of the Cathedral Island. Its main attraction is a multimedia exhibition telling the story of the Cathedral Island, the beginnings of Poland and the history of Poznań.

Visitors explore the story of the Cathedral Island with an audio guide available in 8 language versions. The visit consists of two stages: first, you are invited to exploreour unique exhibition located in Porta Posnania’s minimalist building; then we encourage you totake a walk around the Cathedral Island and see the Cathedral itself. We offer two trails to choose from: for adults and young people, and for families with children. We also frequently run thematic guided tours and workshops.

Porta Posnania is the first heritage interpretation centre in Poland. It also offersa wonderful space by the Cybina River where everyone is welcome to meet with their friends, relax and catch a breath.