Start Brands The Royal-Imperial Route

The Royal-Imperial Route


The Royal-Imperial Route is the main tourist and cultural trail in Poznań. It takes you to the greatest tourist attractions of the capital of the Wielkopolska Region. It is a story whose main characters are the city and the forty generations of Poznań men and women who have been creating it.

It is a collection of interconnected trails which help you develop a special bond with this incredible one-thousand-year-old city.

Walk along the Route’s main axis, running from the Cathedral Island to the Imperial District, and you will follow the city’s history, meet historic figures and explore the most important places in Poznań. Look for the signposts with a symbol of a crown and check out our thematic folders available in various language versions as well as our guidebook Poznań City Guide. The Royal-Imperial Route to enhance your experience. Take part in our frequent thematic events in the city such as walks, guided tours and meetings.